June Weight Loss Special!

Are you having trouble losing weight? Eating right and exercising but the weight just won’t come off? Trying to lose weight can be a frustrating battle. At Max Weight Loss Center we are able to provide you with the expertise, guidance and resources to finally meet your weight loss goals. If you’re having trouble losing weight, we invite you to make an appointment to see if lipotropic injections are right for you. Lipotropic Injections contain vitamin B12, B6, amino acids and help you burn fat! Right now we are offering a great special on one of our most popular programs.

Our June special includes:
No consult fee
12  Lipotropic Injections (Fat burner and Metabolism booster)
Health evaluation with a medical provider
Monthly Prescription for appetite suppressant
Monthly Weigh in
Calculated BMI and Measurements
Guided Meal Plan
Weight Loss Educational Material

Originally this package would be $285, but is now just $199! Hurry up and make your appointment at any of our locations. This special ends June 30th!

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Weight Loss Clinic in Fayetteville NC

Maximum Weight Loss Center is a top weight loss clinic in Fayetteville NC.

Our weight loss clinic in Fayetteville NC is run by Angela Carter FNP-C and Dr. Andre Hall. At Maximum Weight Loss Center we take the best tools available in modern medical weight control and concentrated them into a low cost and easy-to-follow program. Our comprehensive program encourages a sensible low-fat diet, moderate exercise and attention to portion control. At our weight loss clinic in Fayetteville NC we offer Lipotropic injections,Vitamin B injections, FDA approved appetite suppressants such as Phentermine, Diethypropion, and Phendimetrazine, guided menus and weekly weigh-ins.

We are happy to announce that we are opening a new location in Dunn NC! We will start taking patients at our new location on January 22nd. You can make an appointment at our Fayetteville or Dunn location here.

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Contact us today to learn more about our Weight Loss Clinic in Fayetteville NC and how we can help you meet your weight loss goals!